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Why Choose Us

No hidden contractual lock-ins (No Permanent Withdrawal Charge)

Dajon offers you the client contractual control by not charging a Permanent Withdrawal Fee. If the customer is not 100% comfortable with the service, we feel they should be free to move.

Therefore, contractually, Dajon does not lock-in clients by having the minimum invoice charge within the clause of the contract. Dajon's invoice charges only reflect the work undertaken and not the lock-in costs of an annual minimum invoice charge.

Dajon Data Management have chosen not to include Permanent Withdrawal Charges because Dajon has no doubt that clients will continue to use Dajon because they want to, not because they are financially locked in.

Dajon's Unique client account handling

Every Client has a name, not just a number. Operational staff know clients by their individual name creating an efficient personalized working relationship.

Dajon's personnel have a duty to be able to answer any questions regarding any issue, this means that the client has more individual attention and can have questions answered with one phone call.

Operational Based Account management

All Dajon operational personnel are accountable for the daily running of individual accounts.

Dajon have operational based account management teams, as an alternative to sales-based account management, this enables you direct access to personnel who are dealing with your account on a daily basis. In-turn resolving issues efficiently and effectively.

Tailored Service procedures for Individual clients

Following an initial consultation, we will discuss a tailored solution to fit your requirements whether you are a small or multi national organisation.

Dajon has developed a tailored service that is based around their clients' requirements.

Smooth supplier transition

One of the problems of moving supplier is the disruption to service it may cause. Due to Dajon's specialist supplier transition procedures this is no longer an issue.

Furthermore if you want to move supplier because of poor service or spiralling costs but find yourself trapped because of inflated minimum invoice charges, don't despair, call Dajon on 020 7732 3223.

Security and Compliance

All of our procedures comply with British standards 4783/5750 and ISO 9002.

All Dajon storage facilities have CCTV monitored 24 hours a day. Perimeter and internal alarms are all linked to the emergency services.

Dajon's Media and Deeds storage facilities protect against all forms of damage, such as: Fire, Flood, theft and sabotage by untrained personnel.

To comply with insurance and auditing requirements it is essential that a formal outsourced backup storage and rotation systems are in place. Furthermore it meets the expectations of your clients.

Online data access

Dajon has the ability to offer clients direct access to their database so they can remotely order ad-hoc deliveries, access tape descriptions and track their media tape movements.

Many software companies tout 'web-access,' yet what they are providing is simply a copy of their data, updated periodically throughout the day, in more technical terms, data replication. With Dajon Online we provide true web access, not a replicated database. When you want web access don't accept imitation ask Dajon about true web access.