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Data Capture

Dajon Data Capture Service

Our data capture services combine a number of our core competencies to deliver end-to-end document processing and data capture solutions.

Our data capture proposition is ideally suited for outsourcing or out-tasking an end-to-end business process, such as:

  • Invoice processing
  • Digital mailroom
  • Survey processing
  • Forms processing, e.g. credit application forms
  • Claims handling

Our data capture processes and systems are built with security and confidentiality in mind, so that we can manage even the most sensitive of personal and confidential data. Dajon is uniquely positioned to deliver a complete data capture solution, from collection, processing and data conversion, combining our expertise, world class facilities and technology including high quality scanners and data capture software.

Secure data capture facilities for processing documents

Dajon has a number of secure data capture and processing facilities both in the UK and abroad. This allows documentation to be delivered cost effectively using local facilities to process both sensitive and personal documentation. These facilities all conform to Dajons high operational standards.

Data capture services built on document storage, retrieval & management

Once processed the original documents can be stored in one of our long-term storage facilities if there is either a practical or regulatory need to retain the original documents.

Data capture and document processing

All our data capture facilities are equipped with the latest scanning technology to support high speed bulk scanning or processing of documents. We use a number of data capture methods or techniques ranging from automatic data capture through to single page manual data capture or data entry.

  • Document scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - During the scanning or processing of a document, we can use high-speed OCR to provide automatic data capture, this keeps costs low. However, significant preparation and thought needs to be given to the form design to maximise quality, keep errors low in order to sustain a low cost in terms of processing.
  • Data entry and verification - Our data capture services are designed to enable us to support data entry services in English, and other languages, including Japanese, Chinese, and French.
  • Data output - Dajons data capture team includes experienced developers this means we can provide the data in most common formats either online via a download or via CD.

Online document management ensures a complete data capture solution

As part of our data capture solutions we can provide an online document management tool, accessible over the Internet via a browser. This simplifies the deployment and keeps implementation costs down.The system can be easily configured using inbuilt workflow to replicate your business processes. Security is built in, each user can be assigned permissions to control who has access to the data along with an audit trail of who has accessed and changed the documentation.

Data capture and secure document destruction

Dajon's data capture solution manages the entire lifecycle of a document from delivery through to processing and ultimately disposal once the document has exceed its useful life and in no longer required.

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"Dajon have handled our survey scanning for three years now. We have major clients who expect a fast, efficient turnaround and Dajon have never let us down."

R. Thornham

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