• Business Process Automation done properly

    Dajon are Business Process Specialists.

    When business process automation is done properly you should see a dramatic reduction in the need for a large office space; it enhances mobility, allowing for independent working, with out of office connectivity using a tablet, laptop and/or mobile device.

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  • The legality of scanned documents

    Dajon understands the importance of document legality.

    We know that the legal admissibility of scanned documents can be a concern to companies who are looking to adopt paperless working practices – we are here to set your mind at ease on the legal aspects of digitisation.

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  • EDM & Unified Communications

    EDM is the missing link in your UC strategy.

    Don’t lose time in transit because you can’t access the required information. For Unified Communications to truly be effective, paperless EDM working practices are vital – letting you access the exact data that you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

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  • How to create a paperless office

    The many benefits associated with making the digital switch.

    Dajon have helped many companies realise the benefits associated with going digital! We are finally seeing a dream become reality, join us.

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  • Case study: trust in scanning

    Dajon digitise precious historical data for The British Exploring Society.

    Throughout their illustrious past, The British Exploring Society had collected eighty years’ worth of irreplaceable journals, photographs, slides, reports and other valuable items. Find out how Dajon helped them go digital.


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News From Dajon

Embracing automated mortgage workflows

Embracing automated mortgage workflows

As lenders find themselves under increasing pressure to push for more transparency, and with growing emphasis placed on containing costs in mortgage originations, automated workflows are becoming a necessity. Via a solid workflow management foundation, lenders can meet increasing regulatory demands and mandates – and stay ahead of the competition.

A wave of regulatory reform - from last year’s Quality Mortgage rule, to the upcoming Integrated Disclosures rule, has resulted in lenders constantly rushing around to adjust business processes and technology systems in a bid to stay afloat – and this can negatively impact upon quality and loan profits. Mortgage…

Small firms could save even more money by going paperless

Small firms could save even more money by going paperless

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can cut down on expenses easily by implementing measures such as going paperless.

North East Business reported that, last year, SMEs in the north-east of England alone managed to achieve an average saving of £6,940 using simple tactics such as energy saving devices and swapping reams of copy paper for digital devices, on which they could view documents.

However, Yorkshire Bank has said that a further £200 million could be made available if more firms copied their example and carefully examined their expenditure.

The Bank pointed out that only a third of SMEs in the…

Vatican images available online digitally

Vatican images available online digitally

An intriguing article by businessinsider.com shows how digital scanning isn't just for office documents – it also has a wide range of other uses. The website reports that the first 500 books from the Vatican library's massive digitisation project are now online.

The Vatican Library, founded in 1451 by Nicholas V, holds around 180,000 manuscripts, 1.6 million books and 150,000 images and engravings. In 2014, the non-profit organisation Digita Vaticana Onlus was founded - with the aim of helping to fund the digitisation of 80,000 of the manuscripts, which equates to around 41 million pages.

In March, Japanese…

Businesses seek smart office space - going paperless could help, too

Offices are no longer the permanent fixtures they once were. The worst of the economic slump seems to be over and while businesses are keen to start getting back on their feet again, they're no doubt also eager to keep saving as much money as they can in case of future rainy days.

This could be the reasoning behind some new trends noted in the office real estate market. Serviced Offices said it is currently receiving more enquiries than ever before for its flexible serviced offices, which are available fully furnished, equipped with IT infrastructure like the internet and can…

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