• Business Process Automation done properly

    Dajon are Business Process Specialists.

    When business process automation is done properly you should see a dramatic reduction in the need for a large office space; it enhances mobility, allowing for independent working, with out of office connectivity using a tablet, laptop and/or mobile device.

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  • The legality of scanned documents

    Dajon understands the importance of document legality.

    We know that the legal admissibility of scanned documents can be a concern to companies who are looking to adopt paperless working practices – we are here to set your mind at ease on the legal aspects of digitisation.

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  • EDM & Unified Communications

    EDM is the missing link in your UC strategy.

    Don’t lose time in transit because you can’t access the required information. For Unified Communications to truly be effective, paperless EDM working practices are vital – letting you access the exact data that you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

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  • How to create a paperless office

    The many benefits associated with making the digital switch.

    Dajon have helped many companies realise the benefits associated with going digital! We are finally seeing a dream become reality, join us.

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  • Case study: trust in scanning

    Dajon digitise precious historical data for The British Exploring Society.

    Throughout their illustrious past, The British Exploring Society had collected eighty years’ worth of irreplaceable journals, photographs, slides, reports and other valuable items. Find out how Dajon helped them go digital.

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Benefits of working with Dajon

Excellent Service

Dajon offer rigorous management expertise and ethical practice at every stage of our dealings with you; you will always know exactly what you are getting.


Dajon are BSI0008 audited compliant, meaning that you do not need to keep paper copies of your scanned documents – saving you space and money.


We have many happy clients who are happy to say that they have worked with Dajon, as you’ll see from our case studies. You will know that we are trusted by organisations such as The Royal Society of Chemistry, Southwark Council, etc.


We understand the role that scanning and workflow automation can play in your organisation, having worked with many over the year resulting in a swifter, more efficient service implementation.

Reach & Capacity

We have our own dedicated service and storage centres throughout London, meaning that whatever your requirements, we can accommodate you, securely and quickly.


Our years of experience and collaborative approach ensures that you get the solutions you need to reach your business goals, and the support to help you get there.

Industry Solutions

  • Medical Industry
  • Small Business
  • Paperless Office
  • Legal
  • Transglobal Storage
  • Home Working

Medical Industry Solutions

Confidential medical records require specialist capabilities. Dajon offers secure, efficient storage of personal medical data; providing controlled access with a full audit trail, using robust processes and systems. Our enhanced record storage systems allow for easy tracking of patient files online.

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Small Business Solutions

We help companies to grow with the provision of high-end digital solutions. It is our aim to reduce your storage, labour and operational costs and increase your overall efficiency, service quality, competitiveness and profitability levels with our Business Process Improvement and Automated Workflow Systems, while adhering fully to compliance standards.

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Paperless Office

The paperless office provides many advantages to companies. Electronic systems allow for secure, controlled access to documents, quicker searching capabilities with a clear audit trail and improved lifecycle management processes. Costs are vastly reduced when comparing digital records to physical data and vital office space can be freed up.

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Legal Solutions

A wide range of documents - including legal documents, financial records and HR can be scanned and stored digitally using Dajon’s advanced legally compliant document scanning service. We understand that it is vital to ensure that legal documentation is fully protected and safely held – and our service is aimed at doing this, while also allowing for quicker access to vital documents as and when required.

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Transglobal Storage Solutions

Dajon offers full global coverage, while maintaining service levels of the highest standard. We provide you with the flexibility to control continuity of service to all of your locations and give you the option to manage all of your accounts using the same software, allowing for conformity to all users across the globe.

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Home Working Solutions

Home working has been proven to increase staff productivity levels, reduce processing errors and paperwork while lowering processing costs. Dajon can help you to implement out-of-office processes with our robust EDM system – letting multiple users access the data that they need, wherever their location.

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Trusted to deliver by organisations world-wide