Document Archiving and Storage

Are you looking for secure document archive and storage facilities?

Are you looking for document archiving and storage facilities that offer competitive rates with no contractual lock-in? We are one of the UK’s leading independent document archive and storage providers. Call Dajon or complete our form to request a quotation. We answer all requests within 24 hours.

Our pricing is simple and straight forward:

  • We do not charge a minimum invoice charge for document archive and storage.
  • We do not charge our clients permanent withdrawal fees for our document archival services.
  • We use a file saver space saving capability to minimise document storage space and archiving fees.
  • Have you ever considered how much money could be saved through using a document archiving service?
  • We can help you identify and then quantify the potential savings that could be realised through a well planned and thought-out archival strategy.

At Dajon we provide a fully managed document archiving service.

Collection of documents for archiving

The security and integrity of your archived documents are an imperative. This is why Dajon operates its own fleet of vans to manage the collection of client documents for archiving.

Establishing a Document Archive

All client boxes are bar coded providing a unique reference number. Each box can then be tracked using our online system. We can then locate and retrieve individual boxes or documents from our archival facilities.

Secure Document Archiving

Dajon’s premises are designed with security in mind. Each facility has controlled access, video monitoring, secure fencing and intruder and fire alarms linked to the emergency services.

Retrieving Documents from Dajon Archiving Facilities

File access is a key consideration when thinking about document archiving service and costs. We help you define the type of service required. Flexibility is the key. We have a range of archiving options:

  • Boxed Storage – allows retrieval of individual boxes form the archive.
  • Open Boxed Storage – allows for the recovery of individual files form the archive.
  • Open File Storage – recommended if you need to support regular access to the document archive.
  • Drawings – Enables the safe archiving of large documents.
  • Fire Safe Archive – Essential for the archival of sensitive commercial documents such as deeds, medical records and legal documentation.

Our document archiving and storage service provide a range of retrieval options and prices:

  • Next Day Retrieval
  • 2-Hour Retrieval
  • Emergency retrieval

We can either provide the original or deliver a scanned copy of the document from the archive sent via email or via secure FTP. Scanning of documents can become economically viable where regular access is required to the document archive or store.

Archiving and Document Disposal

We can help you track the lifespan of files held in the document archive. Once the documents are no longer required we can dispose of them using secure shredding with a certificate of destruction. We can always retain electronic copies of the documents once they are removed from the archive.

Online Tracking System

Our document archiving service allows clients to have complete access to the online database used for tracking of boxes held in the document archive.

File Saver Reducing Archiving Space

Dajons’ unique File Saver space saving device provides a simple file clamp mechanism that is used to compress documents increasing storage capacity for bound files held in our document archive.

You can find out more about Dajon’s document storage solutions and services by clicking below.