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Dajon – London’s Premier Document Scanning Service

We provide document scanning to clients in the Greater London area. We scan most document sizes, large or small with support for OCR. We provide the output electronically. This can be delivered on CD, over email, using secure FTP or it can be made accessible online using our document management system.

  • No hidden charges – we provide a range of pricing & service options
  • Commercial assessment – we help our client understand the economics of document scanning
  • Commercially sensitive documents – security is built into all aspects of our service
  • ISO accredited – we have been in the storage and scanning business for over ten years
  • Project Management – we provide a complete solution?

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Dajon document scanning facilities are located in close proximity to the city of London ensuring that we can collect documents at short notice and transport them to our facility with minimum delay. We service a wide variety of document scanning clients across London, throughout the Greater London area and the southeast.

Searching for a document scanning service in London, then talk to Dajon

Dajon’s London based document scanning facilities incorporate a state of the art scanning capability packed with the latest technology, providing the best document scanning in the London area. We work with a wide range of documents from postage stamps all the way up to A0+.

We scan in either black and white or in colour depending on client requirements. We have extensive storage facilities to support our document scanning clients in the London area. This combined with our investment in technology and skilled staff means that we can undertake large document scanning projects very efficiently and at competitive rates.

Dajon provides London’s local document scanning facilities

Our London based document scanning facilities have the capability to convert most documents into appropriate electronic format. We can output scanned images in a wide range of file types.
Once a document scanning project is complete, we can provide the scanned content via any media preference required e.g. CD, DVD, or portable hard drive. Alternatively we can make the files accessible securely over the internet via our secure FTP server or our on-line document management system. Documents can be tagged with meta data or made fully text searchable through OCR. For each project we agree what to do with the original documents following scanning. In some instances clients are required to retain original copies of official documentation for a designated period of time. We can assist in this process and help you to understand your legal or regulatory obligations and the various cost options involved.

Dajon – London’s flexible document scanning proposition

Our London based document scanning service is also very flexible. We can either deliver the original copies back to your office, hold them in one of our long-term London based storage facilities or provide a certificate of destruction; disposing of the documents in both a secure and environmentally friendly manner.

Choosing Dajon as your scanning partner is not just about the proximity of our London based document scanning facilities, it is about our expertise, quality control, cost management and also managing your carbon footprint.

We also support a range of document scanning services for clients in the southeast and the Greater London Area

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