Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your services for?

We work with all kinds of clients. Anyone who wants to reduce their reliance on paper, or take control of their documents.

Chartered surveyors, retail chains, luxury brands, wallpaper manufacturers, banks, The NHS, energy companies – to name a few. We work with organisations of all sizes – public, private, and third sectors.

Which areas do you service?

As we are based in London, we have a lot of clients in the Greater London and South East areas, however we provide services to clients nationwide.

What kind of documents do you scan?

We can scan a great many things. Documents, blueprints, maps, invoices, receipts, letters, records. We can scan all paper sizes up to A0.

Do you offer book scanning?

Yes, absolutely. Hardbacks, paperbacks, notebooks, sketchbooks, logbooks, diaries. We scan all books.

We have some specific requirements. Can you tailor your services to fit our needs?

Most assuredly, yes. Our services are incredibly flexible.

Do you have any certifications?

We have several certifications. For starters, Dajon is audited compliant with BS 10008. Documents scanned under this standard are legally admissable in court.

Furthermore, we are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001 certified.

You can read the details of our certifications here.

Could you help meet GDPR requirements?

Absolutely. Digitised documents are far easier to secure.

Can you help us go green?

We certainly can. By going paperless, even partially, will greatly reduce your environmental impact.

How can we help?

Feel free to get in touch. Call us now on 020 7732 3223 or use the form below.

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