Dajon are a UK based Workflow Automation, EDM and Document Scanning specialist headquartered in the heart of London, trusted by our clients to deliver again and again.



  • Outsourced Data Capture/Forms Processing

    Outsourced Data Capture/Forms Processing

    Learn about our innovative and flexible data capture solutions, which aim to reduce your organisations document processing costs, document processing time and project time scale

  • Outsourced Digital Mailroom Processing

    Outsourced Digital Mailroom Processing

    Learn about our hassle-free process to scan your inbound mail to digital format and distribute it easily and quickly throughout your organisation, wherever your staff may be.

  • Document Archiving & Records Management Solutions

    Document Archiving & Records Management Solutions

    Learn about our cost-effective paper archiving and records management solution to provide collection, storage, inventory management & retrieval services for large volumes of paper documents.

  • Outsourced Document Scanning

    Outsourced Document Scanning

    Learn about our document scanning process and the improvements it can bring to your organisation's efficiency.

  • Electronic Document Management

    Electronic Document Management

    Learn about a more efficient way to manage your documentation: Dajon's electronic document management.

  • Outsourced Electronic Invoice Processing

    Outsourced Electronic Invoice Processing

    Learn about how to make life easier for yourself by imrpoving the efficiency of your invoice processing with our electronic invoice processing service.

  • Offsite Media Storage & Rotation

    Empowering Your Accounts Department

    Learn about our secure reliable media tape storage and rotation solution to provide collection, storage, inventory management and rotation of computer back-up tapes and other removable media.