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The roles that BPO and BPI play in achieving Process Excellence

The purpose of process excellence is to support and enable effective business strategies. Using a variety of methods, businesses can strive to find continual improvement and optimise their work processes, in a bid to achieve better quality and efficiency, lower costs and improve overall customer satisfaction. Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) […]

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Is your business data protected from fire?

It’s fair to say that when business owners get up for work each morning, they’re more likely to be concerned about issues such as meetings, deals and their bottom line, than they are about the likelihood of a big disaster befalling their office premises. While catastrophes like this are certainly rare, it is important not […]

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Companies are transforming into digital enterprises

In recent times, customers are being empowered by constant connectivity and on-demand information – in short, they want the exact information that they need, when they need it, wherever they are. As a direct result, business requirements are changing faster than ever before; companies simply cannot afford to spend excessive amounts of time implementing new […]

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Challenges SMEs Face When Managing Multi-Channel Communications

Small and medium businesses (SMEs) encounter a number of difficulties when managing their multi-channel communications. Recent research conducted by Opinionway revealed that SMEs, on average, generate 641 documents every month – with more than 50% using both physical and digital channels for general correspondence (59 percent) and invoicing (53 percent). However, the management of these […]

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8 reasons to love sustainability!

A growing number of organisations are placing more importance on business sustainability – the process where companies manage their financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities via best practices such as stakeholder engagement, environmental management systems, reporting and disclosure and life cycle analysis.

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