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Explaining Process Excellence

Process Excellence covers a wide variety of methodologies, including Six Sigma and Lean, as well as technology (mapping and modelling, process automation, data analytics). Through this variety of methods, businesses can seek to continually improve and optimise the way they carry out work in the hopes of achieving better quality and efficiency, lower costs and […]

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How document management helps small businesses

Book-keeping and financial management can be a complex task for companies of any size, but businesses with a small number of employees may find it particularly difficult. A study by Hiscox found that many are still having trouble accessing finance – despite the introduction of lending schemes – while fewer small business owners are optimistic […]

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Get worker buy-in when cutting paper usage

Businesses may initially invest in disaster recovery services, such as offsite backup storage, in order to minimise the risk of losing valuable data, but there are also environmental benefits associated with having information stored digitally rather than on paper. These advantages could be enhanced by getting the buy-in of employees, who can help to cut […]

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